• The story of Chameleon began with the concept of creating an added dimension to the basic t-shirt. Inspired by the innovations of the early 90’s, Chameleon set up shop in late 2013 and The Label was born.

    Endless research and dedication towards bringing something new to today’s generation resulted in the idea of producing interactive clothing that changes colour and composition upon heat application.  Chameleon is all about expressing yourself and your individuality.

    We want to bring the colour back into this world of technological craze. We spend everyday searching for new and creative possibilities within all facets of life but it seems clothing has been left behind.It seems we have stopped searching outside the box to look for new ideas and have been content with the current condition of clothing today. Chameleon is here to challenge this notion. We want to inspire our customers and encourage them to be who they want to be. It’s a bit of spice. A bit of zest. We challenge you to wear Chameleon. We challenge you to let others see your true colours. As a generation, we have lost our train of expression, and in the wise words of Madonna, its time to EXPRESS YOURSELF.

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